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Meet our Staff and Board of Trustees

The Owatonna Foundation is made up of of  22 Trustees who volunteer their time to evaluate and decide the distribution of funds in the form of grants for specific community projects.


Six of these trustees are elected to an Executive Committee that meets to review and discuss grant applications and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee


Vice President


Vice President


Secretary/Treasurer Chair of Investment and Finance Committee


Chair of Nominating Committee


Past President and Co-Chair of Grants Committee

Josh Bio Pic.jpg

Co-Chair of Grants Committee


Chair of Scholarship Committee


Chair of Community Engagement


Chair of Community Engagement Advisory Board

sara executive director

Executive Director


Past President



What is an Emeritus Trustee?


The "Trustee Emeritus" title will be conferred on all Trustees who have completed a full term of service (5 years) and have a change in status. Emeritus Status is intended to honor and show appreciation for the many years of service given to the Owatonna Foundation by our Trustees. Emeritus Trustees are welcome at all official Foundation functions and their voices are welcome to be heard. The only difference is that Emeritus Trustees will not have a vote on official Foundation procedures and policies. lt is with the utmost respect that this title will be granted to our Trustees and it is intended, to the benefit of our community and the Foundation, that a strong bond remain between the Trustee, their family, and the Foundation

Sally Alexander

Paul Arnfelt

William Beer

Nancy Benjamin

Gerald Deetz

Dale Gandrud

James Hankes

Charles Herrmann

Dale Johnson

Jay Johnson

Bob Jungbluth

Kent Kienholz

Betsy Lindgren

Jim Martineau

Gene Michaelson

Otto Nelson

Sabra Otteson

Judy Plemel

Julie Rethemeier

Ray Stawarz

Harland Strohschein

Larry Stordahl

Jerry Wenger

Sharon West

Ken Wilcox

Dr. Carol Winter

William Whiting

Harry Wenger

Wallace Tripp

Timothy McManimon

Dennis Meillier

Monte Mitchell

Brad Austin

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