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Capital Campaign Grants

One of the very first projects undertaken by the Owatonna Foundation was to acquire land along the Straight River. The Foundation board had the foresight to visualize a beautiful wooded parkway encompassing a five mile nature trailway, swimming beach, fishing area and a host of summer and winter sports all wrapped up in what we know, 30 years later, as the Kaplan’s Woods Parkway.

Since that time, the Owatonna Foundation has continued to provide support to a variety of projects for our community.  Click here for a list of all capital campaign grants.

Most Recent Projects...

Over 450 individuals, organizations, and  businesses supported the Owatonna Foundation with gifts of more than $1,200,000.00.  The continued generosity of our community makes the projects listed below possible. The Owatonna Foundation is focused on capital related projects in our community Thank you for your support.  We look forward to updating this list as projects are completed.  


Be a part of the growth...
There have been a significant number of individuals donating to the Owatonna Foundation in the past year. 

Be a part of the growth and talk to us about your donation today!

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