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Community Capital Grants

Preserved Food

The initial grant from the Foundation was to purchase freezers, file cabinets, answering machine and phones.


With subsequent grants the food shelf purchased stainless steel sinks and other commercial equipment to proactively keep current to Minnesota state codes, and painted the entrance with murals to welcome customers.

Community Pathways of Steele County

Elderly couple

It began in 1989 with a grant from the Owatonna Foundation, with additional funds contributed by the community through the Foundation over the next 4 years.


These funds were used to renovate the building, previously offices for the Park and Recreation Department, and add a large multi-purpose room, lobby, and new offices.

Owatonna SeniorPlace

Bike Trail

The Owatonna Foundation has awarded grants for trail construction, bridges and lights. Recently the Owatonna Foundation awarded a grant to develop an additional 1.25 miles of trail from North Street to 26th St NW along the Straight River, giving to the community over 6 miles of completed trail system. The trails system is one of the heaviest used amenities in the Park System.

Owatonna Trails System

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