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Todd Hale

Todd Hale came to Owatonna in 1959 to assume a job as radio announcer for KRFO. He had just graduated from Brown Institute of Broadcasting. This was his first job. Two years after he came, he had the chance to buy a 1/3 ownership of the station. He remained a co-owner until the three owners decided to sell in 1989. Following the sale, he worked for the new owner for a year. He officially retired from radio and began working for the Steele County Free Fair (SCFF) as a Publicity and Advertising representative.


He also assumed booking of outdoor stage entertainment. He worked for the SCFF for 30 years. He drove school bus. He now, as a retirement hobby, he writes a weekly column for the Owatonna Peoples Press. Todd joined the board in the mid-80's.


He has a wife Mary, 2 sons, Steve and Tim and a daughter Allison. He has volunteered to serve on Park and Rec. Board, Hospital Board and Airport Commission...all for maximum terms. He continues to be semi-active in the community

todd photo
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