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Owatonna Foundation Receives Donation from The “20” Rifle and Pistol Club

The Owatonna Foundation recently received a $1,000 donation from The “20” Rifle & Pistol Club Inc. (RPC). Club President, Sam Davidson said: “It’s important for us to give back to the Foundation so that the Foundation can give their support to other organizations and projects in Owatonna.”

In 2007 the RPC was the recipient of an $85,000 challenge grant from the Owatonna Foundation. The Club raised the matching funds and on September 18, 2010 they dedicated their new 46X134 foot indoor building. Club Vice President, Rod Mauer stated “The indoor building isn’t just for archery and air rifle. It gives our youth and adults an opportunity to choose a shooting sport of their choice.It also provides class training for Owatonna High School, Owatonna Junior High, Willow Creek School, 4-H groups, Scouting, Big Brothers and Sisters, and other youth and adult interest groups. Law Enforcement and Carry Training benefit by allowing them to train despite rain and cold weather conditions.

The“20” RPC was first established in 1966 and made education a priority right from its inception. Since its beginning, the RPC has taught archery to thousands of Owatonna students and provided archery supplies for classes at Willow Creek and the Junior and Senior High Schools. They are hoping to include Medford students in their programs in the future. Past President and Board Member Dave Olson shared, “We are teaching youth self-discipline and safety. They can better themselves and develop their skills at a rate that works for them. Archery doesn’t take a toll on the body physically and also helps to develop concentration.” Club member Rod Mauer was the project coordinator and club president while the building project was being built. He shared: “Learning shooting sports has nothing to do with hunting. We are here to teach our youth the discipline and lifetime enjoyment of archery and firearms safety so that they can continue to challenge themselves throughout their lives.” Currently the RPC has 642 members and will typically host over 100 children on weekends. The RPC facilities are also used by local law enforcement for training purposes.

The gift from RPC is even more meaningful in that it is one of the few instances where a grant recipient has given back to the Foundation. “Without the support we received from the Owatonna Foundation, we wouldn’t have been able to do our building project. We hope that our donations back to the Foundation will encourage others to do the same.” said Dave Olson. The RPC has given back over $3000 to the Foundation in the last four years and intends to continue making their annual gift.

“We’re so thankful for this donation from the “20” Rifle and Pistol Club.Their commitment to giving back is exemplary and much appreciated! In visiting with their members it was obvious the passion that they shared for their sport and for education. They are devoted to our local youth and their members are wonderful volunteers that work to support their Club’s mission. Their gift helps to continue the Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of life for present and future generations by supporting Owatonna projects that focus on community, education, the arts and recreation a reality for allof us.” said Foundation Executive Coordinator, Laura Resler.

The Owatonna Foundation, now in its 59th year of serving the Owatonna community, providesgrants in Owatonna and its environsin four areas: Recreation, Education, Arts, and Community projects. The Foundation also provides both traditional and non-traditional scholarships for 2 year colleges and technical schools.

The Foundation was established in 1957 with the goal of improving the quality of life for present and future generations of Owatonna residents. Since then, the Owatonna Foundation has committed more than $11.5 million dollars in grants and scholarships to local organizations and students. For more information about the Owatonna Foundation, please visit our website at:, or call our office at 455-2995.

Pictured front row left to right: Club members: Dave Olson, Kathy Coonan-Noaeill, Scott Severson, Sam Davidson and trustees David Einhaus and Tom Dufresne. Back row left to right: club member Ron Hammann, trustee Dale Gandrud, club member John Devoe, trustee Chad Lange and club members Mark Wannarka, Rod Mauer and John Schmidt.


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