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Owatonna Foundation Receives Donation from JC Press

The Owatonna Foundation recently received an in-kind donation of $3,150.00 from JC Press. Owner and President, Patrick McDermott said: “We are very happy to support the Owatonna Foundation in their very worthy efforts to enhance the Owatonna community through the good work that they do.”

JC Press is one of the longest running, locally owned businesses in Owatonna, starting as a newspaper, the Owatonna Journal in 1859 which was then owned and operated by Hiram Sheetz. Later, E.K Whiting had started his own newspaper, the Owatonna Chronicle in 1897 and in 1906 he acquired the Owatonna Journal, forming the Journal Chronicle Company. In 1938 the newspaper was sold to the Owatonna Peoples Press and Mr. Whiting shifted the company’s focus to commercial printing and stationary supplies. The business continued under the family leadership of E.K.’s sons, James and William from 1940 till 1983 when William’s daughter, Sabra Otteson took over. On January 1st , 2015, Sabra sold J-C Press to current owner and President, Patrick McDermott. A native of Owatonna, Patrick continues the 156 year legacy that the company has achieved. McDermott stated: “My initial attraction to J-C Press was its history and success along with its reputation as an engaged community member. My ongoing excitement is the dedication and skill of the employees who contribute daily towards our success and the way we are positioned to continue to be successful in growing the business in the future.”

“We’re so appreciative of this donation from JC Press. Their printing services are a tremendous resource for us, providing many of the supplies that are needed for daily operations. The company’s ongoing support of the Foundation is a legacy from several generations of Owatonna families, first through the Whitings and now with Patrick McDermott’s continued commitment. This support keeps the Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of life for present and future generations by supporting Owatonna projects that focus on community, education, the arts and recreation a reality for all of us.” said Foundation Executive Coordinator, Laura Resler.

The Owatonna Foundation, now in its 59th year of serving the Owatonna community, provides grants in Owatonna and its environs in four areas: Recreation, Education, Arts, and Community projects. The Foundation also provides both traditional and non-traditional scholarships for 2 year colleges and technical schools.

The Foundation was established in 1957 with the goal of improving the quality of life for present and future generations of Owatonna residents. Since then, the Owatonna Foundation has committed more than $11.5 million dollars in grants and scholarships to local organizations and students. For more information about the Owatonna Foundation, please visit our website at:, or call our office at 455-2995.

Pictured left to right: Janine Whited of JC Press, Foundation Trustee Kent Kienholz, Heidi Klein of JC Press, Pat McDermott owner/President of JC Press, Foundation Trustees Sharon West, Dr. Carol Winter, and Matt Kottke


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