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Nelson Scholarship for Owatonna women.

Owatonna Foundation Announces June 25 Application Deadline for the Nelson Scholarship for Women

June 25 is the deadline for the Nelson Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by the late June A. and Melanie

Nelson, the scholarship is for women who are pursuing a career-specific field of study. Applicant must have an Owatonna mailing address or have worked at an Owatonna business for at least the past two years.

A strong supporter of Owatonna, and with a passion for women’s education, Nelson stated, “My late mother and I were thrilled to be able to fund this scholarship program that supports two $3,000 annual scholarships for women pursuing a career-specific career path. It is so important to be an advocate for women’s education; supporting them in any way possible to ensure their future success, whether financially, by mentoring, or other support. We know that thru the Foundation’s well-established scholarship program we will be able to help empower women with a better education.”

Applications are available at the Foundation’s website at Applications should be submitted by June 25. If you have questions, please contact our Scholarship Coordinator Jill Holmes at 455-3059.


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