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Owatonna Foundation and Steele County Free Fair Celebrate Muckle Museum HVAC Project

Recently, members of the Owatonna Foundation Board of Trustees and the Steele County Free Fair (SCFF) Board of Directors met at the Muckle Museum to celebrate the completion of their Foundation funded HVAC project. The Muckle Museum is home to almost 150 years of our County Fair’s history and the addition of air conditioning will now help to protect the valuable artifacts displayed and stored there. It will also serve as a respite for volunteers and fair-goers that visit the building. The Foundation makes grants for capital purchases and improvements in the following categories: Community – with projects that have an impact on the quality of life of the people of Owatonna, and the parks and places they use and enjoy. Arts – with projects that support the fine arts, both visual and musical, and encouraging a diverse cultural environment. Recreation – with projects that help improve the recreational opportunities of Owatonna, offering all ages a recreational outlet throughout the year. Education – with scholarships and improvements promoting education and preserving the history of Owatonna. The Foundation provides up to $30,000 annually for both traditional and non-traditional scholarships for youth and adults that are residents of, or work in, Owatonna.

Any 501C3 non-profit located in Owatonna and its environs with a capital project are encouraged to apply for a grant. All grant criteria and information is listed on the Foundation website at The next grant deadline is September 1st. The Foundation office is located at 108 West Park Square, Owatonna. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am till 1 pm. For more information please go to the Foundation’s’ website or call 451-2995.

Pictured left to right are: SCFF Board Members: Mike Hamilton & Mark Ditlveson, Foundation Trustees: Bob Heers, Steve Smith Dale Gandud, Corey Mensink, Chad Lange, Jerry Deetz and Sharon West. Back row: SCFF Members: Sharon Stark, Jim Gleason, Doug Meier, Bruce Busho, Jim Linder, Dan Deml, Wayne Steele, Scott Kozelka and Jim Abbe. Not pictured is Nancy Vaillancourt who is the Museum’s co-superintendent.


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