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Current Scholarship Recipients

Traditional Scholarship Recipients—Fall 2022

  • Jada Cole, Dakota County Technical College, Interior Design, $1,500, parents Clark & Debra Askildson

  • Brody Jensen, Riverland Community College, Diesel Technology, $1,500

  • Abdirahman Mahamud, South Central College, Mechatronic, $3,000, parents Jimale Omar and Mako Mohamud

  • Isai Perez, Riverland Community College, Construction Electrician, $3,000

  • Charlea Underwood, Riverland Community College, Radiography, $3,000, parents Hilary & Jayme Underwood

Nontraditional Scholarship Recipients—Fall 2022

  • Gabriel Adams, Western Dakota Technical College, Welding and Fabrication, $2,000, parents Robyn and Randall Adams

  • Sonja Sigler, Riverland Community College, Nursing, $3,000, partner Deanna Nelson

Nelson Scholarship Recipients—Fall 2022

  • Abigale Dicks; University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse; Microbiology; $3,000; parents Rita and Kelly Reich

  • Emily Hagen, Luther College, Environmental Studies, $3,000, parents Erin & Robert Hagen

  • Lauren Phelps, Concordia College, Chemistry, $3,000, parents Dawn & Brian Phelps

  • Alexis Ringhofer; University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse; Biology; $3,000; parents Cassandra & Jason Ringhofer

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