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Owatonna Water Park

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Since 1958 over $11.75 million dollars has been given back to our community by the Owatonna Foundation. This has been made possible by the continued generosity and commitment of our local businesses and individuals that support us. What would our community look like without the parks and trails, the Arts Center, the River Springs Water Park, the History Center, Steele County Fairgrounds, Four Seasons Centre, soccer fields, and so much more?

Everyone that lives or works in Owatonna has been touched at some time by a Foundation related project. The Owatonna Foundation is YOUR community foundation and we need your support to continue to “preserve the past, build the present and fund the future.”

One of the greatest challenges for survival of a community foundation is to meet the IRS rule of having one-third of its income derived from current contributions. This means that a strong foundation, such as the Owatonna Foundation, cannot solely exist on its investment returns to maintain a tax-exempt status. It is continually dependent upon voluntary contributions.

The Foundation Trustees have had a dream for the future of growing our portfolio to $10 million dollars. This would enable us to give out almost $500,000 per year based on the criteria in our spending policy. We are already at the half-way mark so with your support, this dream could become a reality in the not too distant future!

Your donation, in any amount, will ensure that the Owatonna Foundation will continue to support important capital projects in Owatonna and its environs. This tradition of commitment to our community will be a legacy that you leave for your children and grandchildren. Please consider making a donation, or making a personal bequest of money or property (please see our Legacy Society information to learn more…). All contributions are fully tax deductible and will continue the Foundation’s mission of “improving the quality of life for present and future generations by supporting Owatonna projects that focus on community, arts, recreation, and education” into the future.

Deferred Giving and Living Legacy Commitment form.

Gifts as will bequests, real estate, securities, life insurance, or annual gifts will ensure the ongoing work of the Owatonna Foundation (see Deferred Giving Commitment Form). All gifts – large or small – are greatly appreciated and enable us to continue to preserve our history and respond to the changing needs of our community.

All gifts are deductible charitable contributions for tax purposes.